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Warm Celebration of the Official Water Supply Project in Shiquan County

2023-11-24 Source:This site Views:123

  It is understood that the water supply project in Shiquan County is located in Group 2,Fengshu Village,Chengguan Town,Shiquan County.The total investment is 72.3573 million yuan,covering an area of 17.17 acres,with a total construction scale of 30000 tons per day.The first phase construction scale is 20000 tons per day.The project started construction in November 2020,mainly including one floating boat type water intake pump station,one new water plant project,laying 180 meters of water supply pipeline,and 2800 meters of main water distribution pipeline.

  The operation and use of this water supply project can meet the medium and long-term production and domestic water needs of 100000 people in Shiquan County,completely solve the problems of insufficient water supply capacity and poor water quality in the county,comprehensively enhance the county's water supply guarantee service capacity,further improve the production and living quality of urban residents,and promote the economic and social development of the county.

  On November 23rd,the water supply project operation ceremony for Shiquan County was held at the New Water Plant in Shiquan County.Hu Xuejun,Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference,attended the launch ceremony and announced the opening of water.Le Rong,Deputy Secretary of the County Committee,Wang Bo,Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress,and Zhu Youfeng,Deputy County Mayor of the County Government,attended the launch ceremony.

  Original link:https://www.shiquan.gov.cn/content-2645767.html
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