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Three years of cooperation between Hunan Ceramic Technician College and Hunan Zhongda Energy Savin

2020-05-14 Source:This site Views:586
  In order to further strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises,deepen the joint construction of majors between schools and enterprises,and make every effort to do a good job in connotation construction and seek win-win cooperation.On the afternoon of May 12th,the seminar on cooperation between Hunan Zhongda Energy Saving Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.and Hunan Ceramic Technician College was successfully held.
  At the meeting,in-depth discussions were conducted on how to achieve the organic integration and optimized allocation of talent resources between schools and enterprises,cultivate professional talents,and vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship in the new era.
  At present,the enterprise has a low level of technical education and a shortage of mid to high-level talents.We hope to cooperate with the school to improve the theoretical knowledge level of employees and promote them to higher professional titles.In the face of the current development status and actual needs of the enterprise's own employees,Yi Guohua,the chairman of Hunan Zhongda Energy Saving Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.,proposed to establish a"School Enterprise Cooperation Expert Committee"as soon as possible,and hold industry high-end forums,academic conferences,skill competitions,etc.through school enterprise cooperation,Further enrich the connotation construction of school enterprise cooperation.
  At the same time,through school enterprise cooperation,students can combine theory with practice to truly cultivate high-quality talents that enterprises need.In addition,further cooperation between schools and enterprises can also be used to jointly apply for invention patents,publish academic papers,and apply for projects at all levels.
  In the face of the actual needs of enterprises and the characteristics of the college's education,Li Qiong,Deputy Director of the Modern Services Department,proposed that we can consider utilizing the advantages of our department's e-commerce major to provide technical support and cooperation for the company's product"packaging and sales"and online promotion,such as maintaining the company's official sales website and producing short videos for product promotion.Ye Qian,the head of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Industry,believes that in the future,school enterprise cooperation can be deeply carried out around the following aspects:relying on our school's Industrial Business School to jointly carry out training services with relevant teaching departments;
  The internship base is jointly built,and the enterprise serves as the internship and training base for the school.The school's teachers and students conduct on-the-job internships,professional internships,and employment at Hunan Zhongda Energy Saving Pump Industry Co.,Ltd;At the same time,teachers with high academic qualifications and professional titles from our school have joined the"School Enterprise Cooperation Expert Committee"to jointly develop talent training programs for mechanical and electrical majors,and can also conduct scientific research to solve practical problems in enterprise production.
  The delegation of teachers from the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Industry who attended the meeting that afternoon was invited to visit the production and processing workshop of Hunan Zhongda Energy Saving Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.to understand the actual operation status and product processing process of the enterprise.
  During the visit,Yi Guohua,Chairman of Zhongda Energy Saving Pump,proposed to donate some steel and parts free of charge to students majoring in mechatronics at the college for internships,so that students can familiarize themselves with the parts and processing technology produced by the company in advance,improve their mechanical processing skills,and lay a solid foundation for future employment.On behalf of students majoring in mechatronics and CNC machining technology,Lu Tang,the director of the Mechanical Teaching and Research Office,accepted the donation from Yi Dong and expressed deep respect for his kindness!

  This seminar on school enterprise cooperation has successfully concluded in a happy and harmonious atmosphere and is of great significance.Through this conference,our school proposed specific and practical cooperation points,and the enterprise has put forward targeted demand points based on its own actual situation,laying a solid foundation for win-win cooperation between the school and enterprise.

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