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  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump
  • MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump

MDP85-45×(2-9)self balancing multi-stage pump

Product Introduction:MDP85-45 self balancing multi-stage pump

  • Higher efficiency
  • Long life
  • Save money
  • Non-balance disk
  • Factory direct sales
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  • Characteristic
    Self-balancing multi-stage centrifugal pump ten advantages

    1. New structure
    The rotor parts with the symmetrical arrangement of the impeller make the axial thrust generated by the positive and reverse impeller in operation basically cancel each other, so that the balance plate device with small clearance, high pressure drop, easy erosion, easy wear and easy failure is not required to maintain the balance of the axial force, breaking through the traditional structure of the multistage pump.

    2. New technology
    Unique throttling, reducing device, odd-level balancing device, can also play the role of auxiliary support.

    3, high efficiency and energy saving
    Adopt advanced hydraulic model, self-developed energy-saving products; Because the pump rotor does not have the wear and axial pulsation of the balance disc, the neutrality of the impeller and guide vane is always in the best state, and the efficiency of the multistage pump structure will not decrease significantly with the wear of the balance disc and the forward movement of the rotor components. And there is no leakage of balanced water, reducing the volume loss, improving the operating efficiency of the pump as a whole, reducing the shaft power, and the efficiency is 2% to 3% higher than that of the ordinary multistage pump.

    4. High reliability
    Self-balanced axial force loads minimize pump wear and system interference. A very small part of the residual axial force is borne by the thrust bearing, so that the pump shaft is always in the tension state, the force state of the shaft is uniform, and the stress peak value is greatly reduced compared with the prototype structure, thus improving the rigidity and critical speed of the pump rotor, and significantly improving the smoothness and reliability of the pump rotor operation.

    5. High stability
    Through the best matching of symmetrical impeller and guide vane, as well as reasonable matching gap and wide axial throttle design, the pump can still maintain its high stability and operating efficiency after long-term operation.

    6. Good cavitation performance
    Optimized hydraulic model and structural design, special double suction structure of the first stage impeller, coupled with precision casting, reliable wear-resistant material, so that the pump has good anti-cavitation performance, the whole machine runs smoothly, low noise, the user does not need to configure additional pump or increase the height of the water tank.

    7, the machine seal strong reliability
    When the pump starts and stops, the rotor parts do not move axially, and there is no axial pulsation when working, which overcomes the problem of poor seal reliability that has been plaguing multistage pumps.

    8, easy maintenance
    The fast assembly and disassembly design allows the pump to replace seals and bearings without disassembling the pump body and inlet and outlet lines. There are no vulnerable parts such as balance plates in the pump, saving overhaul and inspection time.

    9. Low maintenance rate
    The use of silica sol precision casting process reduces the number of vulnerable parts and maintenance disassembly, extends the product life, and avoids a series of problems caused by too much disassembly to the maximum extent, and reduces the maintenance cost.

    10, strong applicability
    Advanced modular design, after a large number of use, long-term testing of local components, parts have a high degree of interchangeability. The small gap balancing disc device is eliminated, and the multi-stage pump with traditional structure is suitable for the occasions where the medium is more severe.

    Our company is the production of all kinds of pumps and pump boat professional manufacturers, with its unique professional technology to occupy the market, to provide users with satisfactory and qualified products, the implementation of lifelong service is my company's service purpose. We will take the principle of capital preservation and small profit, according to IS09001 international quality management system to provide you with good service. To this end, our company hereby makes the following commitments:

    1. Our company organizes production and testing according to national standards, industry standards and technical conditions stipulated in the contract, and runs strictly according to ISO9001 quality assurance system to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory.

    2, our company to provide users with free technical advice, according to user requirements to provide design solutions, and actively cooperate with the owner and supervision. After the equipment is put into operation, professional and technical personnel will be sent to assist in the management of on-site production.

    3, During the installation period, if necessary, the company can send professional and technical personnel to supervise and cooperate with the site to ensure the installation progress and quality. Our company is free to train operators for users, to the independent skilled operation, free to provide users with relevant operating procedures and rules and regulations.

    4, according to the design standards and design parameters of the equipment and operation indicators for acceptance assessment, and responsible for product performance monitoring, fail to meet the standards by our company is responsible for rectification until the standard.

    5, our company for the equipment warranty period: from the equipment installation and acceptance into operation and the owner issued a preliminary acceptance certificate from the date of operation 12 months, and lifelong maintenance. After the equipment is delivered through operation, during the warranty period, the quality problem of our equipment fails. After receiving your written notice, we will reply within half an hour, and we will send someone to the scene for maintenance and other after-sales services within 24 hours to ensure the normal operation of the unit. The warranty expires, our company only charges a certain cost for equipment maintenance and repair.

    6, the company's products are all implemented "three guarantees", the product in the "three guarantees" period is indeed a quality problem, strict performance of the contract stipulated in the liability. And at the time of delivery to provide this batch of products certificate, product specifications.

    7, our company according to the actual situation, guarantee to provide maintenance parts and according to user requirements, do a good job of maintenance services, to provide users with special tools and spare parts, this batch of products also implement the "three guarantees".

    8, our company regularly or irregularly telephone return visits (or on-site inspection), listen to user opinions, exchange relevant experience, and remote network guidance, the after-sales service to do better and more perfect.

    ZPD mine self-balancing multistage pump has reformed and innovated the traditional structure form, cancelled the axial force balancing mechanism of multistage centrifugal pump, cancelled the balancing device, and become the best replacement product of D and DG multistage centrifugal pump with balance disc or balance drum structure. Self-balancing multistage pump mainly consists of the following parts:

    1. Impeller
    The impeller adopts a single suction, closed, high-efficiency impeller, which is divided into left and right impeller, symmetrical arrangement with the spit section as the center. The impeller is connected with the shaft by a key.

    2. Suction section and spit section
    Suction section: impeller symmetrical back-to-back arrangement, the structure is segmented, according to the direction of suction is divided into: axial suction (suction end without bearing frame) and side suction (with front bearing frame). The discharge section has two outlet flanges, in which the side flange is connected with the flange of the suction section (non-drive side) through the guide pipe component, which is used to realize the liquid flow transition between the reverse impeller. The middle up outlet flange is the outlet of the pump. The transition of liquid flow between the same impeller is realized through the guide vane.

    3, pump body mouth ring/impeller mouth ring
    Including suction section mouth ring, guide vane mouth ring, middle section mouth ring, pump body mouth ring and impeller mouth ring are vulnerable parts, can be replaced; The mouth ring of the pump body and the mouth ring of the impeller are fixed by spot welding of the anti-rotation pin on the riding seam or by riveting the riding seam screw; All sealing ring materials are high wear-resistant, high hardness materials;

    4, intermediate bearing sleeve and intermediate sleeve
    The middle shaft sleeve is installed in the middle of two adjacent impellers that are opposite to each other, and is connected with the shaft by a key; There is a small gap between the middle sleeve and the middle shaft sleeve, and there is a pressure difference between the opposite impeller on both sides of the gap, which produces a certain axial force and points to the driving side. All the middle sleeve and the middle sleeve material is high wear-resistant, high hardness material: the middle sleeve is copper alloy material, and the middle sleeve is made of hard alloy. The middle shaft sleeve and the middle sleeve form a pair of sliding bearings, and the bearing lubrication is self-lubricating.

    5. Throttle shaft sleeve and throttle sleeve
    The throttle shaft sleeve is installed on the suction side of the impeller on the non-drive (high pressure) side, and is connected with the shaft through the key; The throttling sleeve is installed on the suction section (non-driving side) and forms a small gap with the throttling sleeve. The axial force on both sides of the gap is generated by the pressure difference and points to the non-driving side. The material of throttling sleeve and throttling sleeve is high wear-resistant and high hardness material.

    6. Axes
    The shaft is designed with a rigid shaft. In order to facilitate the installation and removal of the impeller and shaft sleeve, the shaft surface is plated with chromium 0.05 ~ 0.08mm.

    7. Bearing
    The bearings are back-to-back angular contact ball bearings that bear residual axial forces.

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